September 24, 2021

bamboo vs soy fabric

A few weeks ago, after my first eucalyptus picking experiments, I was desperate to go on another trip. I had a few scarves ready to dye, and I chose to compare them to soybeans, which are bamboo, cellulose fabric, and protein fabric.

Eucalyptus leaves were torn by my baby son who wanted to help me 🙂

When I opened the bamboo scarf, the smell of eucalyptus was incredible! I couldn’t believe how dark and rich the signs were. The bamboo fabric last produced apricot colors, so I was amazed at the reds!

1632469330 364 bamboo vs soy fabric Rebecca Desnos

1632469331 323 bamboo vs soy fabric Rebecca Desnos

The next day I used the eucalyptus leaves again and tied them with a soy / organic cotton cloth (50/50 mixture) and added a few fresh leaves as well. (Since the fabric has a bit of cotton in it, I still treated it with soy milk in the usual way to help get the color.)

1632469331 994 bamboo vs soy fabric Rebecca Desnos

When I opened the piece, the result was not as impressive as bamboo, but I liked the range of different colors. I saw the leaf prints painted on this piece in more detail. The color did not flow from the sheets of fabric like bamboo, so each print was different. I doubt there will be more color left on the soybean piece (compared to bamboo) after washing, but I will have to wait and see.

1632469332 130 bamboo vs soy fabric Rebecca Desnos

The reason I’m interested in trying a piece of soy is that it has a protein fiber like wool and silk, but of course it’s plant-based. As a vegetarian, I don’t use any animal products, but I appreciate that protein fibers absorb plant dyes better than cellulose fibers such as cotton and bamboo. Soy tissue looks like a way to solve this moral problem and allows you to test protein fibers.

Some vegans use “peace silk” where silkworms are not killed, but as far as I understand, even silkworm production of silk in this way is far from cruel and involves the exploitation of living things.

1632469333 818 bamboo vs soy fabric Rebecca Desnos

The bamboo fabric on the left produced pink and red, which I would describe more as spring colors, and the soy mixture on the right is more autumn.

These scarves will go on sale in a few weeks. I don’t rinse the fabric for a few weeks to help keep the colors strong. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it!

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