September 27, 2021

Coloring with avocado-best-selling Tye dye vinyl method


Avocado is probably my favorite dish so far, so eating a lot of avocados in the last few weeks hasn’t been too hard! I also kept the skins (and stones for future use) in the freezer. Let’s try tye dye vinyl method for this.

Soaking avocado skin in water and heating- tye dye vinyl- step 1

The fabric was treated with soy milk and left for treatment for more than a month. The avocado skins were soaked in water and heated, and after 24 hours, the mushrooms were squeezed with a piece of muslin to produce a beautiful deep red tye dye vinyl.

tye dye vinyl method 1

tye dye vinyl method 2

tye dye vinyl method 3

I used avocado skins in a 1: 1 ratio to the weight of the fabric, but I saw that there was still a lot of dyeing potential in the dye bath, and then I dyed two more scarves.

tye dye vinyl method 4

From left to right, the fabrics are bamboo silk, organic cotton and hemp / cotton. I also dyed another cotton scarf that is not in the picture. Signs are created by various fastening and cutting methods to resist.

tye dye vinyl method 5

tye dye vinyl method 6

The fabric on the top left was changed to iron water to get a beautiful purple color.

tye dye vinyl method 7

tye dye vinyl method 8

tye dye vinyl method 9

I am currently doing lightness tests on aldercone and avocado skin dye. The lower part on the right is treated with aluminum acetate as a control.You can check out finished products of similar experiments here

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