September 27, 2021

Coloring with dandelion – Natural Dyeing Fabric method



Given how dandelion flowers stain your hands, I was curious to see how well they worked as a dye. This is what I think is the best natural dyeing fabric method in the current year.


I have been collecting dandelions for weeks and keeping them in the freezer. When it was time to use them, I gently heated them for an hour to remove the color. I left them to soak overnight, then squeezed the liquid with a piece of muslin.

Dandelion approach to bring out natural dyeing fabric.

natural dyeing fabric

The dye liquid was actually light brown and not yellow at all, and I think fresh dandelions will give more yellow. The fabric was soaked in soy milk and left for treatment for several weeks before dyeing.

1632683170 808 Coloring with dandelion Rebecca Desnos

This cotton veil scarf is a very nice caramel color, but it was very hard and I’m not sure I’ll repeat it again because it will be lighter because I can make a similar color out of the algae. tannins in alder cones. It was a lot of fun to paint with dandelions!

1632683172 907 Coloring with dandelion Rebecca Desnos




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