May 5, 2022

Why I started painting plants (this may surprise you!) – Rebecca Desnos

I moved home a few weeks ago and did a lot of emergency home repairs.

What do home decorations and natural coloring have in common?

If you ask me, a lot.

Did I ever tell you why I started painting with plants?

This is actually because I wanted to create my own non-toxic, healthy fabrics.

This is the focus the coloring books I wrote and why I started using it Soy milk as an initial treatment on the fabric. After my first baby was born more than 8 years ago, I stopped using aluminum acetate. I share this in my first book The color of the plant is at your fingertips.

My love for color began when I was a teenager, dyeing clothes with paint bags that you added to the washing machine (did you use them too ?!). Then I would take second-hand men’s shirts and turn them into clothes and skirts. Around this time, I became interested in the composition of fabrics and ingredients in cleaning and skin care products.

At one point in my 20’s, I felt unwell for a few weeks after my coat had been dry-cleaned and worn daily, but that was not the case at the time.

That was the main point when I read the book “Killer’s clothes” about 10 years ago.

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In Killer Clothes (affiliate link) I learned how seemingly innocent materials can endanger our health. It brought together many points and was a great awakening moment for me. However, we will not pay attention to details now, because we do not need more worries in the world now, right ?! When you’re ready for it, it’s an interesting read.

My main point was that I wanted to sew my own healthy clothes and fabric.

Plant dyes seemed like the perfect choice, and I wanted to experiment with them for years.

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So what do natural dyes have in common with home decor?

Repairing a home can be difficult because many products and materials are toxic. An easy transition is paint; Non-toxic, VOC-free paint is ready. My favorite English paint company is Lakeland.

Back to natural dyes: my goal has always been to create a healthy fabric using safe ingredients. Along the way, I fell in love with the rainbow of colors.

If you are thinking of doing botanical coloring, then my books will guide you in a very simple, gentle way. Botanical Color at your fingertips is best to start.

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So how did you start painting naturally? Or other crafts you enjoy?

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